Speakers Presentations

Speakers Presentations


In order to ensure an optimal delivery of your presentation, please stick to the following guidelines in the preparation of your presentation:

  • Your presentation should be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint. As a general rule, it is better to use PPTX format
  • Your presentation will be display in landscape orientation, 16/9 ratio.
  • You are welcome to use a slide template provided for download here.
  • Use high-contrast lettering and readable fonts (minimum font size of 24).
  • Use standard Windows fonts only.
  • Use high-contrast colors (light text on dark background or vice versa).
  • A maximum of 7 lines per slide and 5 words per line will improve the communication value of your slide. You are expected to prepare 10-12 slides. Suggested presentation includes 1 disclosure, 1-2 introduction/aim of the study, 2 for methods, 3-4 results and 2-3 discussion, 1 for acknowledgment
  • Save your presentation on a USB memory stick(and as a backup, a 2nd USB memory Stick, or a Laptop) and bring these with you to the congress.

Pictures and video

Save the picture you want to use as a JPG or PNG and set compression/quality to medium or high. (Avoid saving your pictures as TIF files, especially MAC presentations).

  • AVI, WMV, MPG or MOV are the only acceptable video formats.
  • Save the pictures/videos used in your presentation separately on the USB memory stick – size limit of 1 GB is preferred. In case of problems, we can re-insert the original items.
  • As general rule be careful to respect author’s rights and persons’ anonymity.


Please save your presentation as “.PPTX”, it will guarantee a better compatibility with the AV systems used.

When drafting your PowerPoint version MAC we kindly ask you to respect the following conditions:

  • Pictures should be in jpeg, png and NOT tif or pict.
  • Do not copy and paste images from other applications directly into your slides but use the “insert image from a file” functionality from PowerPoint (format JPG or PNG).
  • Used fonts should not be specific to MAC OSX. Please use Windows fonts (Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, Symbol…).
  • Check your presentation on a Windows-operated computer before bringing it to the congress.


All PowerPoint presentations must be uploaded prior to the session in the Speaker Ready Room, as it is not possible to run PowerPoint presentations directly from a laptop in the session rooms. Please be aware that you will be able to modify your presentation until 2 hours before the start of your session.

In order to test your presentation before your session, we strongly encourage you to come and check your presentation at the SPEAKER READY ROOM

Disclosure of conflict of interest

A disclosure of conflict of interest* slide must be included in your PowerPoint presentation. The disclosure slide should be displayed and read to the audience at the beginning of your lecture.
The disclosure slide templates can be downloaded here.

* A conflict of interest is any situation in which a speaker or immediate family members have interests, which may cause a conflict with the current presentation. Conflicts of interest do not preclude the delivery of the talk, however they should be explicitly declared. These may include financial interests (e.g. owning stocks of a related company, having received honoraria, consultancy fees), research interests (research support by grants or otherwise), organizational interests and gifts.


All oral abstract presenters giving a presentation are requested to validate their presentation, minimum 2 hours before the start of their session and the day before in case of early morning sessions. Please hand out your presentation next to the Registration Desk on level 3 foyer.


  • The use of Personal Laptops (Mac, Microsoft) in the meeting room for presentations will cause delays.