Guide for Poster Session

Guide for Poster Session

Session Overview

Venue – The posters will be displayed in the Poster / Exhibition Room.

Posters Display – Poster boards will be displayed for the whole congress day from 3rd to 6th October. All presenters are encouraged to sign-up at the Poster Registration Desk, which is located front of the poster session room, and display each poster during appointed poster pin-up time and remove time as below if it is possible. Otherwise, please sing-up and display at least one hour prior to start of scheduled poster session.

Poster Session – Each Presenters are required to give a talk at the front of each poster.  For 6 minutes (4 minutes talk and 2 minutes Q&A) shall be allocated to each presentation. The presentation and Q&A session shall be carried out in accordance with the instruction of the moderator thus please comply with the instruction and strictly observe the presentation time.

On the day of Poster Presentation – All presenters are required to show up and stand front of your poster with wearing provided yellow ribbon (which will be provided at the Poster Registration Desk) at least 10 minutes before the start of session.

Poster Session 1 –
Abstract Number: P01 to P17

Poster Session 2 –
Abstract Number: P18 to P35

Poster Session 3 –
Abstract Number: P36 to P51

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (Required)

Authors must state all possible conflicts of interest relating to the presented work in the slides or posters, including financial, consultant, institutional and other relationships that might lead to bias or a conflict of interest. If there is no conflict of interest, this should also be explicitly stated as none declared. All sources of funding should be acknowledged in the presentation slides and posters. All relevant conflicts of interest and sources of funding should be included on the slide with the heading “Conflicts of Interest and Source of Funding”, immediately after the title page.

Specified Template of COI disclosure

It is available to download from the WCA-2023 website can be found in the following link: